Water Pressure Problems
Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)

Is your water pressure low or to high?

Do you hear knocking on your walls?

All of these are signs that your Water Pressure Problems are coming from your Pressure Reducing valve also known as PRV. PRV is the most common term used in the plumbing industry. Unless you are extremely handy and know how to solder this is a project best left to a professional.

It is important to always monitor your water consumption. Often times is it in those moments where you could potentially determine if you have any major leaks in your main water line or within your walls.

Why do you need a PRV?

The PRV is designed to reduce the high pressures of water that come from the city main. Most if not all of your plumbing is not designe dto withstand the cities pressure for extended preiods. This will cause leaks and even cause damage to faucets and

Are the faucets arround the house spitting water/air?

– Spitting water doesnt always mean that your Pressure Reducing Valve needs to be replaced. In fact you may just have air in your water lines. This happens after recently having the water to your property turned off and inproperly drained. Dont worry this wont cost you a dime or damage your plumbing. Turn on all the faucets to your house, flush your toilets and wait a few minutes until you turn them back on.

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