Plumbing Excavations

Plumbing Excavations (Repair / Replace / Install)

Plumbing Excavations services include: New & repair Main Sewer & Water lines, , full line replacements trenchless, pipe bursting.

Water Main

Sewer Main

Main Sewer line

Understand Your Plumbing 

Below are a few images to help you understand how your underground plumbing is structured and how some problems might look. Sometimes a sewer camera does not always give you the full picture of your problem but they are very helpful to determine where the problem is. 

Main Sewer line
Normal Drain

How Your Plumbing looks

The images below will show you in a very simple way how your drain looks like if you are told you have an offset, a belly or roots in your line.


Roots in Drain line

If you have roots in your line, you dont have to worry to much but it is important that you   set a yearly reminder to rooter your main drain line. The thicker the roots get, the bigger the problems. thick roots cause another damage we call offset. Read below for more information about drain line offsets.

Roots in Drain
Off Set Sewer Line

Off Set

A drain off-set can be caused by several things, natual ground shifting, poor installation, root growth. If your main drain line is made of clay you are more prone to clogs and drain off-sets.


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