Outdoor Faucet

Outdoor Faucet

Outdoor faucets are also known as hose bibbs and in the plumbing industry Silcock’s. Although we regularly encourage customers to do projects themselves, for this project, I encourage you to give Plumbers Near Me a call. If your outdoor faucet is leaking from inside or just dripping excessively, Plumbers Near Me can help you find the best options.
Outdoor faucets are essential for gardening or simple, clean up projects; it makes water accessible for everyday activities. Installing one is incredibly important for every house, and so is maintaining it.

A leaking outdoor faucet can cause interior damage and mold. Replacing your leaking outdoor faucet requires immediate attention and an experienced plumber to solder the spigot off and solder the new freeze proof hose bibb back in.

Outdoor Faucet

Due to the low temperatures in Lakewood Colorado, you must have the proper outdoor faucet to avoid leaks that can cause damage to your home. A new freeze proof faucet alone is not enough; there are several steps you should also take to protect your outdoor faucet during Denver’s winter season. Read below for further information… 

Woodford Outdoor Faucet

What makes an outdoor faucet freeze proof?

Usually, when opening or closing a faucet, the water is closed off right beneath the turning handle. Exposing water to the cold weather increases the risk of freezing and breaking your water line. On a freeze proof outdoor faucet, the water is cut off deep within the walls or foundation of the house.


Do I have to use Woodford?

You don’t, and in fact, you can order an outdoor faucet online. The reason why we recommend Woodford is because of its recognized reliability, durability and parts are widely available at all warehouses. Purchasing a faucet other than Woodford can limit the accessibility of parts or the ability to repair or service in the future.

What are my options?

– Repair

– Replace

But first, you want to figure out where the water is leaking or dripping from. If the leak is discovered to be from within the walls you will need a new faucet. If it is only dripping odds are the faucet can be serviced.

Please be aware replacing the washer may not solve the problem.

How to protect your outdoor Faucet?

Unplug water the holes or any watering devices after every use. Woodford faucets are designed to resist low temperatures in occupied residences even without a cover (It wouldn’t hurt to use a cover over the winter season). Unfortunately if you leave anything collecting water connected to your outdoor faucet your faucet is very likely to burst.

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