Main Shut off Valve Replacement

Main Water Shut Off Valve

Having a reliable functional and accessible water shutoff valve is crucial for many reasons and Plumbers near me wants you to be informed so you can make educated decisions that protect your home, your health and your wallet. Below we have some resources regarding the options you have and how we can help when it comes to main shutoff valve replacements.


Ball Valve

Turning on and off is simple and quick

Gate Valve

Prone to Oxidizing and mineral collecting

Multiple turns to turn water on or off

Main Water Valve

Gate Valves are not necessarily more fragile but they corrode much faster due to their complex nature and closing mechanism. 

Quarter turn watr valve was designed to last longer and to turn off the water fast and completely blocking water from entering your house. 

What do we mean by accessible? A lot of homeowners do not know where their valves are located and some that do crawl under or through things making it way too complicated to turn off in case of any water leak emergencies. 

Another way to know if your valve is not working is not just when it’s leaking rusty or located in inconvenient places, it’s also when the valve no longer closes all the way, most common in gate valves. You can determine this by shutting off your valve and going to your city meter and watching if the needle moves. If it continues to move your valve no longer works. 

Gate valves or faulty ball valves can not be fixed. They must be completely removed and replaced with a new unit. ITs also always recommended to call a Plumber any time soldering is involved. 

The main water shutoff valve is not the only valve we service, give us a call and ask about our many services. 

If you hear knocking on your walls or vibrating water lines, odds are you are having problems with your PRV click the link below for more information. 

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