Garbage Disposal Replacement

Plumbers Near Me is committed to helping you save money. So before you give us a call read the instructions below, and you might be able to fix the garbage disposal yourself. If you need some extra guidance or would like to schedule a tech to come out, give us a call Plumbers Near Me would gladly help with your garbage disposal replacement.

 What is wrong with my disposal?

  • Jammed
  • Leaking
  • Rust


Garbage disposal
Garbage disposal instructions

JAMMED Garbage disposal: often, all you need is to reset your disposal, and this is an effortless task you could do if you would like to save from paying someone to come out. Follow the instructions on the drawing and push the reset button. If this does not help, unfortunately, you may need to replace your garbage disposal.

Leaking Garbage disposal: If your disposal is leaking, we first verify where the leak is coming from exactly.

– Drain Lines

– Support flange

– Shredder housing

The most common leaks can be from the drain lines, which can be simple to resolve without replacing your disposal. But if you see a leak coming from the bottom of your disposal, odds are you will have to purchase and swap the garbage disposal with a new unit. Replacing your garbage disposal can be a DIY (Do it yourself) project if you have the right tools in hand.

Rusted Garbage Disposal: if you identify there is rust, we recommend to replace the disposal. Another factor to take into consideration before installing your new garbage disposal, we recommend you make sure the connection to the sink, otherwise known as the support flange has not been compromised or corroded.

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